Artist:Unknown Inoue Kazuhiko& Ishikawa Hideo
Title: Unknown透き通る闇
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Kakashi/Itachi duo (*__*)

Preview of character song cd

Anonymous said:
I'm a bit new to tumblr,so I was just curious as to how you did the sidebar thing... thanks!

i’m horrible at explaining these things…

but what do you mean by sidebar thing?

the theme i’m using already comes with a sidebar, all i did was to upload a gif to my sidebar and write something in the description. you can also write html codes like my online users thingy

my theme already came with slots so i can add links, and that’s it…

this probably didnt help at all check theme-hunter or itsphotoshop for help ok lmao

sticker-bat thank you sooo much!!

can someone please link me to a paint tool sai download?


i wish i could say “?????????” in real life it would be very useful

Tumblr Mobile headers - [Part 1/?] Narusasu
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